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“Ensuring Healthy Indoor Air Quality Amid the Pandemic” Webinar
Date: 10th of June 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

All this while, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has remained a topic of interest for it has a very important influence on the building occupants’ health and productivity. As research has found that poor IAQ may lead to poor health and physical conditions and consequently to poor work performance (productivity) of the occupants.
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected everyone from all walks of life, the importance of following the Health authority’s Covid-19 SOPs and recommended guidelines for good ventilation is very critical. However, adopting the recommended guidelines for good ventilation at the workplace (office and factories), in public areas (malls / hospitals / clinics), and at home may not be sufficient as we are not sure of the effectiveness of the internal airflow and air quality due to different settings or the interior design of each building space?
In the interest of the public and the Professionals in the industry, the primary objectives of this webinar are to share with participants on the recommended guidelines for good ventilation in indoor environments, and the effective way to ensure “Healthy Indoor Air Quality” of any indoor environment. With the aid of industrial proven technology, we will demonstrate how to understand the internal airflow patterns, how to identify and locate potential contaminants (including air-borne), and how to vent out trapped contaminants inside an indoor/confined environment effectively. By ensuring healthy indoor air quality, we hope this will help in containing the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.


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